/api/farmers/:launcher_id/plots (GET)

Param name Description
launcher_id Launcher id of the farmer (required)
period Period to use: 1d or 7d. (?period=7d)
page Returns 50 plots per page. To get the second page, add ?page=2 to the URL

Returns a list of plots

Param name Description
id Plot public key (first 10 characters)
k_size Plot K-size
harvester_id Harvester public key (first 10 characters)
harvester_name Harvester name, if set by farmer
proofs Amount of proofs submitted for the given period
points List of points for the given period
last_seen Date the plot submitted its last proof
avg_proof_time_ms Average proof time in milliseconds for the given period
plot_filename Default filename of the plot
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