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0000010SpaceFarmers.ioOtherspublic2022-07-13 19:16
ReporterWolfGT Assigned ToAJ  
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Summary0000010: Search term highlighting makes term unreadable
DescriptionIn the Wiki when you search for a term/word the results show the term/word you searched for with a yellow background and white text (see image). Totally unreadable. Recommendation would be to either leave the yellow background highlight and change the text to black (or other dark color) or change the background highlight to a darker color so the white text can be seen.
Steps To ReproduceGo to the wiki, enter "difficulty" in the search box at the top. Tap Enter/Return. You will see the yellow highlights on this screen. If you also click one of the results, the yellow highlights will be there also. (See images)
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2022-07-13 19:16

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You're right. I've darkened the color used for the highlight a bit!
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