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0000018SpaceFarmers.ioDashboardpublic2022-07-21 16:43
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Summary0000018: Add email to profile
DescriptionFeature suggestion - Add email address to the farmer profile

I know this is probably a hot topic for those wanting this to be totally anonymous, but if you add the ability (not required) to add an email address to your profile the pool would have a reliable method of letting the farmer know about critical issues. Like being able to let them know about the upcoming fork and what it will do to their farming ability if they don't update.

This variable would only be visible/editable to the farmer when logged in. Not public information.

If you do add the email feature, you could have settings specific to what the farmer will accept via email. Like Critical issues, Newsletter, Block wins (farmer/pool), Payouts, etc.

An email is not identifying information. If they are nervous about it, they can setup a free account somewhere if they want to use the email feature.

In the future, including an email could open the farmer up to benefits. Maybe an email is a requirement to keep low (or zero) fees.
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2022-07-21 16:43 WolfGT New Issue