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0000025SpaceFarmers.ioDashboardpublic2022-07-30 10:47
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Summary0000025: Be able to set preferred Farmer on site
DescriptionWhen you login to the site using the link from the chia software you are given access to the settings tab of your farmer. But also a very convenient thing you are given is the profile link in the top right. It shows your farm name and your current farm size and when you click on it, it takes you to your farm. But when your browser deletes your cookie that profile link is taken away and replaced with a button that says "Join Pool". So when you are not logged in, to get to your farm you need to go to farmers, search for your farm name and click that link. It would be very convenient to be able to set/save your farm/profile for the site so the link in the top right always appears. That doesn't mean the setting tab always shows. Keep that as a cookie setting that expires but make it so the farm link is always there if you choose to do so.
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2022-07-30 10:46

reporter   ~0000015

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I really like this idea!

- AJ

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