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0000033SpaceFarmers.ioDashboardpublic2022-09-27 17:25
ReporterWolfGT Assigned To 
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PlatformGoogle ChromeOSWindowsOS Version11
Summary0000033: Breadcrumb line overlaps toolbar on scroll
DescriptionI saw this a while ago but knowing that a new dashboard was coming, I didn't report it. But saw it again today, so here we go. The bread crumb line (icon > Farmers > Launcher ID , or whatever section you are on) overlaps the toolbar icons if you scroll down. When it hits a specific spot, the toolbar goes solid and the bread crumb jumps behind where it should be, but that threshold is not set right. Image showing the result is below.
Steps To ReproduceBring up the farmer dashboard. Scroll down slowly and watch the top of the page where the bread crumb line is. It will overlap the toolbar buttons for a while before jumping behind them.
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2022-09-27 17:25


Screenshot 2022-09-27 112548.png (167,736 bytes)   
Screenshot 2022-09-27 112548.png (167,736 bytes)   

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2022-09-27 17:25 WolfGT New Issue
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