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Harvest Inspector

OurHarvest Inspector is a great tool to visualize how efficient you're farming. If you upload your Chia log file (i.e. debug.log), the Harvest Inspector will read every line to see if you are farming correctly. It is very common for large or small things to go wrong while harvesting Chia. Use this tool to become a better farmer!

How to use the Harvest Inspector?

Using the Harvest Inspector is easy; just upload your Chia farmer's debug.log.

There are two things you need to keep in mind:

  1. You need to have log level set to INFO for your Chia logs. Here's on how to do it.
  2. If you want to use your current log, please copy & paste to another location first. Otherwise the inspection will be aborted when new log gets written.

Note: No information is being uploaded to as everything is calculated client side (within your browser).

Having trouble uploading your Chia log file? Find our experts in the SpaceFarmers Discord.

Interpreting your results

When the tool is done calculating, you will see three things:

  • The Results bar
  • The Harvest graph
  • The Proofs graph

Results bar

The Results bar shows you the statistics that the Harvest Inspector took from your log.

Results bar
Result Interpretation Benchmark
Total Harvest Total plots that passed the plot filter -
Harvest per minute Plots per minute that passed the plot filter 6.4
Proofs per hour Partials submitted per hour <your plots> * 10 / <your average difficulty>
Lookup time (avg) Average time it took your plots to pass the plot filter below <28s, ideally <5s
Total Plots Your total unique plot count -

Harvest graph

The harvest graph, that looks like a farm field, where you can do most debugging. By hovering over the squares, you can see how many plots passed the plot filter every minute of that hour. Ideally, this should show mainly white squares meaning that all is going well. If it shows a lot of dark blue squares, it might be an indication something is wrong at your farm. In this case you need to start debugging (no one likes bugs in their farm). Try doing it yourself using our debugging guide or ask our experts on the SpaceFarmers Discord.

Proofs graph

The proofs graph shows whether you are submitting partials to the pool on a per minute basis. Here, the same applies: more white squares is better.

 Credit to for his work on the /chiaharvestgraph
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