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What is the community node?

Farming can be hard when you have to deal with any of the following situations:

  • Running the node on a computer with low processing power, memory, or storage capacity.
  • Resyncing the blockchain due to database corruption.
  • Running the farm for part of the day, which requires syncing every time.
  • Performing maintenance on the node.

To help farmers stay online, hosts a community node that allows farmers to connect their farms to our nodes in a trustless manner. Only SpaceFarmers with valid partials can connect to the community node.

The community node is safe and secure, and your secret keys are never seen by the node. All necessary signing is still done by your farmer process. To ensure the highest possible uptime, the community node uses a multi-node setup behind a load balancer. This means that even multiple backend nodes go down at the same time, the other nodes can still serve all connected farmers.

While the community node is an excellent option for above situations, it is always advisable to host your node when you can.

You can find all information and how to connect on our Wiki:

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